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Thanks for taking a look at this informational website. The goal is to answer your questions quickly and to save you time. As “new” questions are asked, I will add to this page.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

for Dr. Hatin’s College Classes

  1. When are the assignments due?
    • Assignment due dates are specified in the Course Syllabus.
  2. Do I need to attend class?
    • YES. If you are registered for a Traditional class, you are required to attend every class.
  3. Is attendance taken in the Traditional classes?
    • YES. Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class and recorded through STARFISH. This allows all of your Faculty Members and Advisors to see your attendance record and allows for mandated college and NYS reporting.
  4. Can I arrive LATE for a class?
    • The short answer is NO. As you can imagine, it is quite disruptive to the entire class if someone enters the class after it has begun. If you cannot arrive on time, and/or within in the first 5 minutes, it is best for you to not come to class.
  5. Am I able to use my cellphone in your class?
    • No. No cellphones are allowed to be used in my classroom. The cellphone must be silenced/put on vibrate, but no texting, emailing, social media use, etc. is allowed in the class.
  6. What is the best way to reach you?
    • The BEST way to communicate with me is via email: hatink@sunyacc.edu
    • PLEASE allow up to 24 hours for a response, but typically it is much quicker.
    • BEFORE you ask me if I have received your email, please check your email to see if I have sent a response.
  7. Do you give EXTRA CREDIT opportunities during the semester?
    • As a rule, I do not provide any extra credit as I simply require each student to complete the required work by the assigned due dates.
  8. Can I come to your office hours?
    • YES! I strongly encourage my students to make an appointment to see me in my office hours, and sooner rather than later.
  9. Do you extend due dates on assignments?
    • As a general rule, NO. In my courses, ALL of the assignments are OPEN for you completely the week prior to the semester beginning (during Preview Week). The exception to this would be any discussions that are used in my ONLINE only classes.
  10. What is an “X” grade?
    • An “X” grade is given to a student if they have not attended classes, completed work, logged into Brightspace and completed work, etc. in a 2 week or longer timeframe. Faculty are required to submit “X” grades by State Law. You may or may not be notified of the “X” grade being submitted, however as the student, you should know when you have not been present in the class.
  11. How many hours should I expect to spend studying for your class?
    • The general rule of thumb is that you should take the number of credit hours the class is and multiply it by 3 to determine the number of hours that class will take you over the course of the week. In this case, my classes are 3 credits which means you should figure on spending up to 9 hours per week on my class. (Normally it is much less, but it will depend upon how quickly you read, take notes, understand the information, how fast you type, etc.)
  12. What grade do I need in your class to be able to transfer that class to another college?
    • You will need at least a grade of “C” in college classes to be able to transfer them out to another college. However, it would be important to verify that information with non-SUNY schools if you are considering transferring to one.
  13. What if my internet crashes when I am in the middle of an assignment?
    • I strongly suggest you make sure you have guaranteed internet when you are completing an assignment (especially the Final Exams). However, if there is a sudden power outage, etc. please email me ASAP to inform me of the power outage, location, timing, etc.
    • IF you are residing in the Residence Hall, please know that the WIFI system in the Res Halls is DIFFERENT than the full campus WIFI. Please log in to the campus WIFI OR go to the Campus Library and use their computers. You can also use your phone as a HOTSPOT or go to another location in your town to complete the work. I strongly encourage you to create a CONTINGENCY plan for these issues so there are no problems or unnecessary stress whatsoever.
  14. Do I need to complete all of the assignments?
    • Yes. You cannot pick and choose which assignments to complete.
  15. How should I address you?
    • Please address me as “Professor Hatin” or “Dr. Hatin.”
  16. What is the proper email etiquette for your style?
    • In the SUBJECT line: Please make sure you include the name and Section Code of the class you are taking with me.
    • Begin the email with “Professor Hatin” or “Dr. Hatin” and clearly communicate making sure to use full words and not “texting language.”
    • Make sure to use proper grammar and spelling.
    • Make sure to check your emails for a response before asking if I have received your email.

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